Modern day technology & cellular telephony

Science and technology have developed significantly in the past few decades. As a consequence numerous significant inventions and innovations were made and this development in science and technology especially in communications technology has largely aided in developing businesses. As a consequence there has been increase in overall growth and development of nation. Initially cellular telephony was quite unknown to population and for communication purposes people greatly relied on wireless technology. But developments in space technology and satellite technology the communication sector got hugely benefited.

Increased connectivity with quality handsets

Nowadays most of the countries are using cellular telephony which offers to give quality mobile phone services at affordable rates. Present day cellular telephony is so very popular that almost every household on Earth has access to mobiles and mobile technology. Earlier mobile sets were expensive but with advanced research there has been a substantial reduction of the costs of these mobile sets. Companies indulging in mobile phone manufacture are Vodafone, Uninor, Airtel, Docomo, Idea, and Nokia. These companies have advanced research centers as well as dedicated professionals aiding manufacture of cheap mobile sets with advanced features and facilities.

Harmful effects of Mobile telephony

The cell phones function with the aid of electromagnetic radiations like microwaves and infrared waves. But for this it is essential to have mobile phone towers. These towers facilitate communication but at the same time these are a potential threat to the health of people. These radiations create abnormal conditions in human bodies like cancers and other malignant forms. Efforts are always there to minimize health hazards but significant amount of work is required in this regard. Scientists working on important projects are aiming to deliver better communications systems without any health hazards and at reduced costs. On succeeding these scientists and researchers will offer humanity the best gift and that gift is cheap, efficient communication without any health hazards.

Importance of online reputation management in social media

Social media websites have significant impacts on peoples’ lives across the world. As we know that modern world is very busy and in this busy world it is extremely difficult for people to socialize and communicate with each other. People do not get time to meet their colleagues, friends or relatives. So the modern innovation like social media is a boon to them as using it people can easily communicate with each other online. Numerous social media sites are there and each social media site is equipped with modern features and properties. People exhibit interests in those sites that are convenient to use, and offers a range of options.

Uses of social media sites

Social media sites like Face book have a wide number of business applications. The important uses of social media are in businesses like online real estate management, different consultancy services. Thus these sites aid in connecting people and not only that people can apply for jobs or do business with other entities using them.

Ways to maintain social media sites

Maintaining social media sites is important and such maintenances include online reputation management. These sites help in sending as well as accepting follower or friend requests and therefore there should be efforts to ensure that the friends and followers are genuine. And by sending requests to unknown persons, in many cases it has been observed that reputation of users or companies are marred. Moreover, the social media websites’ admin data need to be shared and used and the users need to ensure that the social network data don’t get compromised. So it is often advised to make periodic changes to passwords with the aim of preventing any kind of data theft or hacking. Many sites are in existence and yet more sites are emerging with time and this simply makes the environment competitive. Thus we find that social media is proving to be immensely helpful to people.

Significance of healthy living

width="300" height="250" align="left">It is important to concentrate on healthy living. As it is a common observation with many people indulging in bad habits and mal practices that adversely affects their health. So it is a suggestion that most physicians make to their patients and that is to quit bad habits and malpractices. These include smoking, drinking liquor, and unprotected sex. It is a known fact that smoking leads to deadly diseases like Cancers and therefore habits like smoking cigarettes should be get rid of. Even passive smoking is also dangerous to health. But despite smoking’s ill effects people fail to quit such habits and therefore they often required medical assistance in rehabitational facilities in order to get rid of such habits.

Drinking liquor is harmful

Even habit like drinking liquor is harmful. Though small amounts of the same don’t create any problems but increased consumption of alcohol has serious ill effects and this includes liver cancer. Therefore excessive drinking results in liver cirrhosis and untimely death. Also one should avoid unprotected sex as it is a major threat to a person’s health. Not using condoms results in AIDS and therefore such practices should always be avoided. Quitting bad habits and simultaneously by taking adequate health measures we can simply expect a long and healthy life. Moreover modern Ayurvedic medicines which are very much obtained in the markets offer a natural way to stay fit and healthy.

Brush teeth regularly to keep them healthy

Apart from general health it is also important to take care of one’s teeth. Proper dental care is necessary as we know that teeth are responsible for a person’s beauty as it gives shape to faces. So it is our duty to take care of our precious possession. We need to ensure that our teeth remain healthy. We need to brush our teeth on a regular basis and also need to contact dental specialists to address major or minor dental issues.

Causes and effects of Legal bankruptcy

Many times it has been observed that people after taking loans from banks and financial institutions fail to repay them in time. This results in committing crime on the part of the borrowers. And therefore such acts attract criminal cases being filed in courts by the different banks and financial institutions against the borrowers. Often these criminal cases end up in convicting the borrowers. Then these entities are either served jailed terms or heavily penalized.

Ways to pay your attorneys

Often instances of legal bankruptcy occur during payment of fees to the attorney. And when these occur then it becomes important on the part of the legal team comprising of chartered accountants to make an estimate of the wealth and property of the bankrupted person by making audits. Post auditing, the wealth and properties of the bankrupt entity are auctioned to the public. This process draws people from various walks of life and they help in raising funds in order to get rid of the debt as well as make payments to the attorney.

Causes of legal bankruptcy

Often it has been observed that people after engaging in conflicts accuse each other and this at times results in the filing of defamation suit against any one party. Many a times the value attached to the suit runs in billions. Irrespective of the parties fighting with each other, there occurs when filing of defamation suit is defended and then the accused person has to act as ordered by the judge to pay the amount that has been mentioned in the suit. Sometimes the accused failed to provide the account which results in criminal acts and subsequent detention. It is at this point in time when assets are estimated by legal teams and then the assets are auctioned in the public. Thus in this way proceeds are collected in order to make payments and thereby get rid of legal bankruptcy.

Stock markets & their effect on finances

align="right">Every developed and developing nation has systems in place to monitor their financial strength. In nations the stock markets prove an important instrument to study a country’s financial progress. Likewise there are numerous stock exchanges that deal with bonds, stocks, debentures and mutual funds. The activities in these stock markets have a direct influence on the financial status of a country. People who are interested in stocks and bonds prior to purchase them check about their reputation. Post checking these investors invest in certain number of shares at rates that bear chances of increasing chronologically. It is when the stock prices increase then the investors sells their shares at that elevated prices thereby making immense profits. It’s an acknowledged and legitimate way of earning but in this there is a lot of gamble. At times investors fail to judge a stock properly and purchase shares at prices which seem to fall with time. And then at the time of selling these shares the investors incur huge amount of losses. Therefore it is advised that while investing in stock markets proper advice should be sought from stock market professionals as this habit aids greatly in risk reduction and income maximization in businesses.

Sound practices of making money

There are other practices of making money and that is by making investments on precious metals. The prices of these metals usually do not fall and have always an upward trend. This greatly boosts investor’s sentiments in purchasing a significant volume of these commodities as by selling the same at a later time guarantees huge profits. Therefore as compared to shares, investments in these precious metals in a good way to indulge in risk free trading.

Stronger currency for good development

A nation’s finances are very dependent on gold reserves as well as foreign exchange reserves. It is therefore extremely significant for a nation to attract investments and thereby raise the nation’s gold and foreign exchange reserves. It is to be understood that more the foreign investment, stronger is the currency of the nation. And if a country has a strong currency then inflation is very much reduced and the standard of living also increases.